Design Sprint Methods

Google Ventures recently released a handbook that collects industry best practices that allow teams to run design sprints: rapid prototyping and testing sessions.

Design sprints are a framework for teams of any size to solve and test design problems in 2-5 days. The idea of sprints originates with the Agile framework. The idea of design thinking was developed at IDEO and the at Stanford. These frameworks were adapted to the idea of “design sprints” thanks to the Google UX teams, Google Ventures and Google [x] and teams across the industry.
While sprints are popular at Google, they are also used by startups and companies of any size.

I really enjoyed how Google rationalised some common UX best practices making them easy to adapt to teams who are just beginning their design practice.

Download now the Design Sprint Methods Handbook

Download now the Design Sprint Methods Handbook

Google Photos: A magical infinite backup solution for your images

I'm currently in the process of uploading 12 years of photos to Google's cloud. 
The results so far can be described as magical. The service organised my photos by people, location and even subjects (such as landscapes, fireworks, beaches, etc...).

The hourly surprise of automatically generated stories, collages and Gifs makes me return to the app more than once during the day, a wonderful example of how User experience design should be done.

In this article, Steven Levy interviews Google's Bradley Horowitz about Google Photos. The article includes some interesting details on how the technology behind it could be applied in the future.

Right now I'm using Google Photos as a powerful backup solution for iCloud Photo Library. Who know if in the near future I will stop using Apple's Photos service.

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